Hello and welcome to my website!

My name is Silvia, I have been in the graphic arts and design business for twenty years, and for over a decade I have been devoted to illustration for children and grown-ups. In 2010 I published my first illustrated book for children with Artebambini – Ada Maty, a story sung in different voices – and I create art for educational books with a variety of international publishers.

Very often my work ends up, besides the web or printed books, even on walls: pediatric wards and children’s schools around Italy are decorated with my art. Seeing a child cheered by a sequence of images, especially in the hospital setting, is an experience that warms my heart. The arts play an important role in society and I love knowing my work can be part of that joy and well-being.

The tiniest illustration I made: a 16×16 pixels icon. The largest: a 16×4 meters mural.

I like: colour palettes, tea drinking, yoga, gardening. I dislike: tidy desks.

If you want to read more about my professional story please visit my Linkedin profile.

What are your strengths?

• flexibility and willingness to meet to my client’s needs
• accuracy and attention to detail
• reliability and compliance with deadlines

Can you describe your style?

My work aims to inspire curiosity and joy, and to do that I like to use simple shapes, bright colours and a little bit of irony. I always try to infuse each project with a unique and fresh style that delivers a strong message.

Do you work digitally or traditionally?

I work both ways, but most of the time I work with digital techniques because it allows me to be more efficient and flexible. In my process though, all creative ideas always start with a pencil sketch on paper.

What tools do you use?

My favourite tools are Adobe Illustrator and my Wacom Intuous tablet. Sometimes I also add some final touches in Photoshop. In my spare time I like to play and experiment with markers, pencils, watercolors and gouache.

Where can I see more of your work?

You can check my Instagram page, where I share daily sketches, work in progress, side projects, process videos and occasionally a few behind the scenes shots.

Where did you study?

I am basically a self-taught illustrator. In my late 30s I decided to refine my technique by studying Illustration and Comics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. Despite the great improvement I got from that, I didn’t get a degree, because clients work took over my time and energy.

Do you have an online shop?

Yes, you can order my art prints and other products on my shop, Insalata Illustrata, or on my Society6 shop. They both ship worldwide.

Do you have any more questions?

Ask me anything, I will answer in two working days tops.


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